Although the research on the matter is divided, ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you that cold, damp weather makes their joints ache, and causes their arthritis to flare up.

True, there have been some studies that have been able to validate what so many of us feel in our aching bones. However, the results have been spotty, which is why the scientific community is divided on the matter.

While we all wait for the science to confirm what so many of us feel in our bones, here are a few tips to enjoy a pain free autumn and winter this year:

  • Stay active! This is one of the best and most important things you can do. Although as the weather starts to turn warmer, you’ll almost certainly want to do your exercising indoors.  Just as the important as the exercise itself is to remember to stretch both before (a good warm-up) and after (a cool down).
  • Stay warm – this one should be obvious, but it bears mentioning anyway. If the cold weather is making your joints ache and causing your arthritis to flare up, do everything you can to stay warm.  Bundle up.  Layer your clothing as needed, and of course, keep moving.
  • Try Glucosamine – Although scientific opinion is divided on the effectiveness of Glucosamine, some people who have taken the supplement have reported that it has helped to ease the pain in their joints and improve their range of motion. There’s nothing to lose by giving it a try, and potentially quite a lot to be gained.

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