Science has confirmed what massage therapists have been saying for years.  Not only does a massage feel great, but it improves blood flow and reduces pain levels whether you exercise regularly or not.

This most recent bit of research comes to us from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and provides the best evidence yet.

In the study, the research team broke participants into three groups:

  • Group one used a leg press machine until their legs began to get sore. Afterward, this group received a Swedish massage.
  • Group two used the same machine until their legs began to get sore, but at the end, did not get a massage.
  • Group three did no exercise, but still got a massage (this would have been the group to be in!)

The group of study participants who did the exercise but didn’t get a massage reported continued pain in their legs for up to twenty-four hours.

The group that did the exercise and got a massage reported no pain whatsoever approximately 90 minutes after their massage was completed.

In addition to that, the two groups that received a massage had better blood flow than the group that exercised but did not get a massage.

Nina Cherie Franklin, a researcher and lead author of the study had this to say about their work:

“Our study validates the value of massage in exercise and injury, which has been previously recognized but based on minimal data.  It also suggests the value of massage outside of the context of exercise. The big surprise was the massage-only control group, who showed virtually identical levels of improvement in circulation as the exercise massage group.  The circulatory response was sustained for a number of days, which suggests that massage may be protective.”

In fact, the team discovered that the benefits of massage lingered for three full days, which is huge.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking for a simple way to feel better and improve your circulation, massage is the way to go!

Used with permission from Article Aggregator