Dr. Kenneth A. Gilman DC, CKTP

Dr. Gilman started his chiropractic career in Clarksville after graduating Logan Chiropractic College in 1998.  He has more than 18 years experience caring for and affecting the quality of life of many in the Clarksville community. He now treats generations of families with personal chiropractic care as well as education focused on helping his patients recover, live healthy and stay well. Dr. Gilman and his wife Jenny are currently raising two boys and are experiencing all of the joys that are associated with a busy family life. He serves as a deacon at First Baptist Church Clarksville and as a Staff Officer in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Department of Homeland Security.  His commitment is to not only provide quality care but to build lasting relationships.  He believes that serving God, family and community is his primary purpose but it is also his great passion.

“Being able to have a positive effect on the quality of life of each of my patients is the reason I love what I do.”    -Dr. G

Joe Linza, D.C., FIAMA

Dr. Linza has called Clarksville his home for the majority of his adult life. As a member of the 5th Special Forces Group, he spent over 19 years at Fort Campbell, living in Clarksville, and receiving his undergraduate degree in Biology, from Austin Peay State University.  Upon retiring from the Army he attended Texas Chiropractic College in Houston, graduating with his Doctorate of Chiropractic.  Dr. Linza became interested in Eastern Medicine and earned his Fellowship in Acupuncture from International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.  In his “spare time” Dr. Linza is the co-owner of KnowBull Beauty Day Spa and volunteers as the team chiropractor/physician for Clarksville Elite Gymnastics Center. Dr. Linza loves spending time with his family, both human and canine and looks forward to the new challenges that come each day.  Dr. Linza is an avid supporter of the military, and our first responders, and he is truly happy to be helping the members of our Clarksville military community.

Gina Hall

Gina is a state certified Chiropractic Therapy Assistant (CTA) and Chiropractic X-Ray Tech (CXT). Gina has worked at Clarksville Chiropractic Center for over 23 years. In the many years Gina has worked at Clarksville Chiropractic, she has seen wonderful things happen. Her favorite will always be her oldest son being adjusted. During his birth, the doctor pulled on his neck with too much force and caused him to have Torticollis. Gina’s son could not turn his head to the left. The doctor’s advice was to push his neck to the left several times a day, if not, his face would fall. Gina followed this advice once – she doesn’t know who cried more, her or her son. Gina brought her son in and he was adjusted everyday for two weeks. Gina’s son is now 14 years old with no problems.  Gina thanks God every day that she works for Clarksville Chiropractic Center and trusted the doctor. This story is just one of many that Gina can share about the changes to patients’ lives.

In her free time, Gina enjoys spending time with her two sons, David (14) and Matthew (10).

Pamela Burgess, LMT

Pamela has been serving the Clarksville, Ft. Campbell, and greater Nashville area since obtaining her massage therapy license in 2003. Using the skills she has acquired during her 16+ years of experience, Pamela’s objective is to improve the health, well-being, and quality of life of patients through the practice of massage therapy. She is passionate about helping the Clarksville-Ft. Campbell community.

Pamela’s specialties include Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Trigger Point, Swedish, Prenatal, TMJ, Migraine, Sinus, Headaches, Myofascial Release, and Cupping.  Pamela continues to expand her knowledge by regularly participating in continuing education learning new techniques so she is able to offer a variety of services. With her technical knowledge and experience she is able to tailor massage therapy sessions to your specific needs. She believes in a massage today for a better tomorrow.

Pamela is the mother of three adult children, one grandson, and three granddaughters. When she is not working she likes to spend time with her family, walking the dogs, and giving back to the community.

Lindsey Liberatore

Lindsey has an Associate Degree in Science and has worked as a Phlebotomist.  She has continuing education hours in various areas of medicine.  Alternative medicine  and chiropractic care have always been a part of her life.  Nutrition, exercise, and outdoor activities are all important aspects of her daily life.

Lindsey has earned her Chiropracic Technician Assistant certification and plans to pursue various other certifications directed at improving her knowledge and performance in the Chiropractic area.