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Are Restrictive Clothing Items Causing Health Problems?

Is your clothing a little on the tight side?  If so, it could be causing health problems for you.  If it isn’t yet, it may well in the future.

Consider the story of a 35-year old Australian woman who spent four days in the hospital because of her “skinny jeans.”

The day before she was hospitalized, she had done an extensive amount of squatting helping a friend move.  That led to circulation problems, which reduced the blood supply in her legs.  That, in turn, led to swelling later the next day.

The swelling incapacitated her, and she spent several hours lying on the ground before she was found and rushed to the emergency room, where the attending physician had to cut the jeans off of her.  It sounds funny to hear about it, but it truly was a life-threatening situation, and not the only one caused by clothing that’s too tight.

Men who wear ‘tighty whities,’ for example, face significantly increased risk of suffering from twisted testicles, UTIs (urinary tract infections) and general bladder weakness.  Doctors have described women’s thong underwear as being “subway cars for transporting bacteria from the back end to the front.”

The solutions to these kinds of issues are as straightforward as you’d imagine them to be.

Wear cotton undergarments, which are more breathable than synthetic materials.  For women, be sure you’re wearing a bra that fits properly to reduce breast pain and back strain.  Men, believe it or not, your necktie could put you at increased risk of blindness, at least according to a study published in 2003.

Shoes are another potentially problematic item, especially flip flops and high heeled shoes.

As anyone who has ever worn flip flops can attest to, these convenient summertime shoes offer no support whatsoever, and wreak havoc on your feet.  The same can be said of high heeled shoes, which place significantly more pressure on your feet than loafers and cause you to walk differently , and can lead to posture problems in the long term.

The bottom line is, during any given day, the average person is exposed to a tremendous number of dangers.  We’re not doing ourselves any favors by intentionally exposing ourselves to even more, simply by making poor clothing choices.

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