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Avoid Cold Weather Injuries With These Tips

Who doesn’t love playing in the snow and enjoying the winter weather?  It can be a lot of fun, but only if you play it safe.

Here are a few simple tips to help you enjoy the colder weather while simultaneously minimizing your risk of injury:

Dress For Success!

Sure, you need to bundle up before you venture out into the cold.  Everyone knows that and tends to do so instinctively.  What fewer people pay attention to, however, is the condition of your footwear.

Whether you’re playing in the snow, or just venturing out to carry on business as usual, you should pay close attention to the shoes or boots you’re wearing.  First and foremost, they should have good treads, and preferably, rubber soles too, both of which provide better traction on the slippery surfaces you’ll invariably be walking on.

Limber Up Before Doing Anything Physical

Most people exercise less during the winter months, but before you engage in any sort of physical exertion, you should take the time to stretch and warm up. That holds true even in the winter when you’re less likely to want to do it.  Taking this simple step will greatly reduce your chances of injury.

Increased Mindfulness

In the summertime, you can skip down the steps and over your sidewalk without a care in the world.  In the winter though, those normally trusty surfaces can be covered with a barely visible sheen of ice.  If you’re not extremely watchful, a moment of carelessness can cause serious injury.

All Things In Moderation

You might think nothing of grabbing two giant armloads of groceries from your car during the warmer months, but carrying all that added weight during the wintertime can easily make you more susceptible to slips and falls because it can throw you off balance. Take a more measured approach when toting cargo to and from your house, even if it means making a few extra trips.

Keeping these simple tips in mind won’t prevent injury, but they will go a long way toward minimizing your risk, and that’s a very good thing!

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