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How To Evaluate Your Physician

There are certain reasonable expectations you should have when it comes to any physician. They should be knowledgeable in their field, as well as knowledgeable in many others. They should be able to accurately assess whether or not they have the tools to help you or whether you would be better served by seeking a different specialty. You should expect them to listen to your chief complaint, take a complete history of anything in your past that may contribute to your current issues, examine your physiology to determine the source of the dysfunction, create a plan to correct those issues, and deliver any treatment that you agree to. After that the doctor, with your input, should monitor your progress, modify the treatment if you are not seeing the expected results, and follow through until you have reached YOUR health goal.

The truth of it is, all any doctor can do is tell you what they believe to be your best course of action. None of us have a crystal ball or can be certain that you will respond exactly as the last 20 people that presented the same way have. This is why it is called practice. The more times a doctor has seen a particular issue, the more confident they are in knowing how to manage it. This does not suggest that a new doctor is not worth your time or money. They typically are full of the latest study results and techniques, an asset to any clinic.  At Clarksville Chiropractic we have the best of both worlds. Dr. Gilman has been running a successful practice in Clarksville for sixteen years and has established a working relationship with multiple MD’s in town. Dr. Dunaway earned his doctorate in 2012 and exemplifies the knowledge you would expect from a student who graduated near the top of his class.

We believe it is our responsibility to accurately assess your problem, create a treatment plan that fits in your schedule and budget, and deliver the treatment. OR refer you to a physician that has the skills you need if we do not. (i.e. Surgeon / MD). The doctors here will create a plan that includes acute care, getting you out of pain, active care, teaching you how to need us less and take control of your issue, and supportive care, checking in once in a while to make sure your state of health matches your current and future goals. We do not do CONTRACTS! It is up to you to decide to engage any or all of the recommended treatment. However, when you decide to not follow our recommendations, the chance of you reaching your goals may be greatly reduced.

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Clarksville Chiropractic Center is excited to announce the expansion of our clinic to include physical medicine. Montgomery County and surrounding areas will now have a truly holistic and integrated approach to managing their health.