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Keep Kids Safe This Back To School Season

It’s back to school time, and as any ER doctor will tell you, that means lots of spills, falls, injuries and accidents.

The first week back to school is among the busiest times of year for Emergency Rooms and chiropractors alike.

Here are the most common types of accidents to watch out for, and how you can keep your kids safe:

  1. Falls – Most of the falls that occur happen either in the school building or on the football field. While there’s no way you can protect your child from accidents in the school halls, you can stress the importance of mindfulness and being careful. Many falls inside the school itself are caused by distraction, with use of a smartphone and/or ear buds being one of the most common forms of distraction. If you feel that taking these things away from your child is too much, at least consider sitting them down and reminding them how dangerous it can be to get distracted.
  2. Biking Injuries – Every year, innumerable scrapes, bruises, strains and sprains are caused by tumbles while on a bicycle. Stress safety, and if you’re especially concerned, insist that your child wear a helmet. While it won’t prevent the spills from occurring, it will mitigate the damage done.
  3. Crossing The Street – The injuries that can occur when a child crosses the street tend to be the most serious for obvious reasons. A good rule of thumb is not to allow children under ten to cross the street unsupervised. Older children should be reminded of basic safety protocols (look both ways, observe and obey traffic signals, and walk facing traffic!)

Accidents can be traced to a variety of other sources, but if you keep the big three in mind, you’ll go a long way toward keeping your child safe as the new school year gets underway.

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