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Prepare Yourself For Winter Activities Before Jumping In

So you’re ready to hit the slopes this winter and enjoy some skiing and snowboarding, are you?  That sounds fantastic!  Unfortunately, for all the fun to be had, those types of activities can also lead to serious injury.  Here are the best ways to avoid getting hurt while you’re out there having fun:

Start Getting Ready For Winter Fun Early

This is the single biggest thing you can do to minimize your risk of injury on the slopes.  For best results, start conditioning your body at least three months in advance of your first outing. If time is short, then you can do enough to see some real benefits using four to six weeks of lead time.

Begin by walking for at least thirty minutes a day for a minimum of five days a week, and work up from there if you feel comfortable.  Then, build on that by engaging in exercises that target the specific muscle groups you’ll be using when you start engaging in your favorite wintertime activity.  The training will help prepare your body for the rigors ahead!

Warm Up, Warm Up, Warm Up!

On the day of your first outing, don’t just spring out of bed, get dressed and hit the slopes.  Start the day with some stretching and a few warm up exercises designed to limber your muscles and get them ready for the paces you’ll soon be putting them through.

Cool Down!

Every bit as important as the warm up, is the cool down.  After a hard day on the slopes, your muscles are bound to be aching and tired.  Do some last minute stretching to wrap up the day. Be sure you’ve got a source of heat and ice ready, to help soothe those aching muscles.

While there’s no one magic solution that can reduce your chances of injury to zero, following these simple steps will go a long way toward ensuring a safe and relatively pain free holiday sporting season!

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