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Taking The Occasional Bath May Have Health Benefits

The statistics may surprise you.  A recent survey conducted by Angie’s List revealed that a staggering 90 percent of survey respondents preferred taking showers over baths.

The survey revealed a slight gender difference, with women tending to prefer bathing more than men, although both groups overwhelmingly preferred showering.

Preferences for showering aside, some new research suggests that taking the time to enjoy a nice, hot soak now and again has some health benefits that are worth considering.

First and foremost, a hot bath will help lower your blood pressure.  Given how many Americans suffer from high blood pressure, and the fact that high blood pressure is one of the precursors to heart disease, enjoying a nice bath now and again is one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to protect your heart!  Consider it to be passive heat therapy that helps to improve your circulation as it increases the concentration of nitric oxide in your blood.

Second, a separate study into the subject revealed that taking a nice hot bath will raise your core temperature more than showering.  That’s significant because if you increase your core temperature by just one degree Celsius, you’ll burn 140 calories, which is the same amount you’d burn by taking a half hour walk.

Think about that for just a second:  If you take a half hour walk and enjoy a hot bath afterwards as a way of treating yourself, and you do that three times a week, you’ll wind up almost effortlessly shedding a kilogram a month (about 2.2 pounds).

If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling to keep your weight in check, making that small change can do wonders for your health.  It’s proof positive that you don’t have to make big changes to your lifestyle to have a profound impact on your health.  Here’s to bathing!

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