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What To Do About A Crick In Your Neck

It has probably happened to you more often than you care to admit.  You wake up in the morning to a sharp, shooting pain in your neck and a curious stiffness that makes it feel as though you can’t move your neck in its usual range of motion without it “catching” and hurting like fire.

Congratulations.  You have the dubious honor of having a crick in your neck.

There are lots of different reasons these develop.  Too much activity, too little activity, you slept wrong on it, or you strained it the day before without even being aware of it.  Whatever the cause, you want it gone ASAP!

The good news is there are several things you can do to help make that happen:

The best solution is one that sees you incorporate all three of these approaches.  Again, if the pain gets steadily worse, or doesn’t seem to be responding to these home remedies, don’t waste any time before contacting your doctor or chiropractor.  There could be something more serious going on.

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