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Will You Overeat This Holiday Season?

Tis the season to be jolly, and to eat!  A lot.

In fact, many people make New Years Resolutions centered around weight loss specifically because they overindulged on all the goodness offered during the holiday season.

Below, you’ll find a few simple tips to help keep from over-doing it where all the delicious food is concerned.

Advanced Planning Pays Off

If you know that you’re going to a feast later in the day, skip breakfast, or eat a sparse one.  The same thing goes for lunch.  About an hour before you’re scheduled to go to the feast, drink a big glass of water to help fill you up before you get there.

Eat Slowly

Once there, take the time to savor the food, and give yourself about fifteen or twenty minutes before you decide to go back for seconds. One of the reasons we so often wind up feeling overstuffed is that it takes our bodies about twenty minutes to realize we’re full.  If you don’t wait, you’ll wind up eating a second helping and then be miserably full by the time your body catches up.

Use A Smaller Plate!

This works especially well if you’re the one hosting the feast, as you can simply choose to serve yourself on a smaller plate.  Even if not, use the bread plate instead of the dinner plate. It’s a simple psychological trick that will leave you feeling satisfied without overdoing it.  Your brain sees the plate brimming with delicious food, and is happy with that, despite that the plate is smaller. If you combine this with the “twenty-minute rule” mentioned above, you’ll rarely walk away from the table feeling miserably full.

These three tips, taken together, will practically guarantee that you’ll enjoy the holiday feasting without overindulging, and that’s a very good thing indeed!

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