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Control Your Breathing For A Heathier You

Breathing is something we’ve obviously all been doing since the day we were born. So of all the things you do on any given day, the last one you might think ...

You Don’t Need A Gym Membership To Get Healthy

For most people, any mention of exercise conjures mental images of a gym. While there’s nothing wrong with going to the gym, if you don’t like the idea, there are plenty ...

Causes of Knee Pain And How To Reduce It

Most adults will wind up suffering knee pain in one form or another at various points in their lives.  Sometimes it’s mild and sporadic, but other times, it can occur on ...

For Your Best Health, Don’t Completely Avoid Sun Exposure

Everybody knows that too much sun can be bad for you in many different ways. The dire warnings about it are everywhere. Of course, that’s why you find so many brands ...

Arthritis Flare Ups Could Be Caused By Previous Injuries

Arthritis is no laughing matter and flare ups can happen at any time.  The unpredictable nature of it makes it more insidious, and unfortunately, previous injuries make those flare ups more ...

Not Exercising May Be Worse Than Sitting Too Much

Not long ago, a landmark study declared that “Sitting is the New Smoking!”  While the reality isn’t quite as bad as the study made it sound, it’s no secret that Americans ...

These Foods May Not Be That Unhealthy Afterall

If you struggle with your weight, then you probably spend a lot of time scouring the internet for dietary information. If that’s the case, you know how much contradictory and confusing ...

The Difference Between Heat Exhaustion And Heat Stroke

It’s getting hot outside. As temperatures rise, an increasing percentage of people are going to overdo it. It happens every year.  If you’re one of the unfortunate people who succumbs to the ...

Avoid Dieting And Just Eat Healthy

The Mediterranean diet. The Paleo diet. Adkins. Keto. There are dozens of diets out there, all claiming to be the magic bullet that will deliver huge, impressive weight loss results if you ...

What You Should Know About Pulled Muscles

At one point or another, everyone has had a pulled muscle. It happens any time you stretch a muscle in your body too far, or stretch it to the point that ...


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