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Avoid Fad Diets For Better Long Term Health

These days, you must try really hard to avoid seeing or hearing about the latest fad diet.  On a near-constant basis, we’re bombarded by people promising amazing results with minimal effort.  ...

Work On Your Core For Many Health Benefits

Strengthen your core!  Strengthen your core!  If you’ve heard those words once, you’ve heard them a thousand times.  It is one of the most often repeated bits of exercise advice out ...

Should I Worry About Tingling or Numbness?

At one point or another, everybody has experienced the sensation.  That vaguely uncomfortable “pins and needles” feeling that surges through some part of our bodies. The question then, is it anything ...

How Long Should I Hold A Stretch?

Almost everybody knows the importance of stretching. Unfortunately, few people know how to do it properly.  Specifically, how long should you hold a stretch for?  The answer is that it depends ...

Are Your Muscles Just Sore Or Is It Something Serious?

After a good workout, your muscles hurt.  Usually, that means you’re doing it right, but sometimes it can be a sign that something has gone wrong.  The question is, how do ...

Should You Exercise Through Knee Pain?

There are several myths and misconceptions about exercising and knee pain. Some people say you should avoid any type of exercise at all if your knees are hurting. Others recommend a ...

Do You Have Pain When You Bend Or Reach?

If you experience back pain when you bend or stretch, you’re certainly not alone.  The question though, is what’s causing your back pain in the first place? The answers are more ...

Could Your Back Pain Be Coming From Your Mattress?

Back pain is a common ailment, and most people have simply resigned themselves to it.  Nearly everyone in America will, at one point or another during their lives, experience back pain.  ...

Benefits Of Yoga On The Body

Even people who don’t do Yoga know that it’s good for them.  What many people don’t know, however, is exactly why it’s so good for you.  In this article, we’ll outline ...

Your Feet May Be More Important Than You Thought

Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about their feet.  We all tend to take them for granted unless there’s a problem and they start to hurt.  It might surprise ...


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