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Health Coaching

  • A method of creating an individual assessment and plan of action for each patient taking into account their personal health goals, history and current situations.
  • An educational process in health and optimal wellness. It is our goal to support you and your body to function at your best.
  • It is continual support. We have the capability to follow the changes you make and how they affect your body. By tracking Biomarkers, (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Body Mass Index, Bio Impedance Analysis, etc.), we can obtain an accurate assessment of your body’s current state and its response to change.
  • Your Health is the most precious asset you have. Based on real world experience, your health coach can recognize your truest desires and needs. What you think, feel and do has a profound effect on what level of health your body maintains.
  • The availability of state-of-the-art tools and methods of communication to best support your transformation and education in health and performance needs.
  • Identifying the stressors in one’s life and creating a more resourceful plan to help the body better handle these stressors without negative impact on health and wellness.
  • A resource for improving a person’s ability to resist infection and illness. Identifying each individual’s situation and encouraging sustainable steps to follow for better function and quality of life.

It is about using the tools, like the Health Coach Health and Lifestyle Assessment, to best analyze a patient’s need for micronutrient supplementation and nutritional support. This system allows us to set a profile that safely and efficiently provides the most personalized supplementation and support to directly affect ones health.

If you are interested in this program, please call us for an appointment at 931-647-3692. Before your appointment you must complete the Health and Lifestyle Assessment. To complete the assessment, please go to, New Patient Assessment and enter our health code: health2209.

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