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Restore Performance Massage


Restoring Performance And Function To ALL

Located Inside Clarksville Chiropractic Center

“RPM”, Restore Performance Massage, is integrated with Clarksville Chiropractic Center with the primary purpose of correcting the soft tissue component to injury or physiological dysfunction. Our Licensed Massage Therapists focus on Deep Tissue and Sports specific Therapeutic Massage in order to “RESTORE” the correct and complete “PERFORMANCE” of the primary mobilization tissue of your body, the muscles. Whether you are wanting to speed up recovery, address a recurrent injury, or restore mobility in a joint and muscle complex that has been compromised for years, the therapists at RPM are who you are looking for.

We believe that addressing soft tissue function is a crucial part of recovery and improving one’s ability to function at a higher level. You can be the office employee who does not get enough motion or the Triathlete competing on the world level!

When massage is coupled with Chiropractic care the benefit to the client is greatly increased.  The therapists at RPM are dedicated to, not just finding, but fixing your muscular dysfunctions and concerns! Whether you are retired, athletic, injured, or just looking for a great massage RPM is dedicated to meeting your needs.

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