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Migraine Specialist

Clarksville Chiropractic Center

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Migraine pain can become so severe, you miss work, hobbies, and even family activities. Before your next migraine flare-up occurs, schedule an evaluation with Clarksville Chiropractic Center. The caring Clarksville, Tennessee, providers can even help you if you’re currently experiencing a migraine attack. All you have to do to get started on treatment is to book an evaluation through the website or call to speak with a team member directly.

Migraine Q & A

What are the causes of migraines?

A chronic neurological condition, migraines lead to severe head throbbing combined with a multitude of widespread symptoms. When you have migraines, you have abnormal changes in your brain chemicals, which often include low levels of serotonin.

Migraines aren’t well-understood, although medical researchers do find that they tend to run in families. Your history of migraines may also be associated with:

  • Stress 
  • Dehydration 
  • Smoking or alcohol
  • Bright or flashing lights
  • Certain prescription medications 
  • Physical activity, including sexual intercourse
  • Changes in weather patterns or temperature
  • Hormonal changes (common among women) 

Migraines sometimes have food triggers. For instance, artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame), aged cheeses (including parmesan), and artificial preservatives (like nitrates) can all increase your risk of migraine.  

When should I get treatment for migraines?

With the help of Clarksville Chiropractic Center providers, you can lower the incidence of migraines or lessen their severity. The chiropractic team encourages you to book a migraine evaluation if you experience any of the following issues:

  • Nausea or vomiting during a migraine
  • Visual changes, such as waves or flashes
  • Pulsating, throbbing, or pounding head pain
  • Extreme sensitivity to smells, sounds, or tastes

Your dedicated provider at Clarksville Chiropractic Center evaluates your symptoms and performs a physical exam to find the source of your migraines. This way, they can better create a personalized migraine treatment plan. 

Is there an effective treatment for migraines?

Yes! Clarksville Chiropractic Center practitioners specialize in holistic, alternative migraine treatments, stabilization, and education. Whether you have frequent severe headaches or life-altering migraine attacks that last for days, your provider may recommend:

  • Manual chiropractic adjustments several times per week
  • Massage therapy
  • Biofeedback 
  • Acupuncture 

Your dedicated provider at Clarksville Chiropractic Center also helps you pinpoint any migraine triggers in your diet or environment. You start learning how to recognize and avoid migraine triggers. Throughout the course of your migraine treatment plan, you should notice that migraines aren’t nearly as frequent or as severe.

Clarksville Chiropractic Center provides holistic migraine treatments to help you get pain relief. Click on the online scheduler or call to book your migraine evaluation over the phone today. 

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